Food photography in Japan

So I was recently in Japan again, and I took the chance to try out my new camera (I’ve since got a proper lens for it). I’m still not experimenting very much, but even when using the camera as an advanced point-and-shoot, the results are definitely better than pre-DSLR days. This S$500 is turning out to be a really good investment!


Katsu curry


Posted on June 3, 2009, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. argh! you and your food porn… again!

  2. Hey i was wondering how much you would bill to set your blog style up on my weblog for me, because i truly like the look of your blog but i do not know how to do such a good design.

    • Unfortunately I don’t do styling, although I haven’t actually changed it that much from the default Atahualpa theme. You can possibly look at the forums there and ask if anyone’s willing to help you set it up – I’m sure there’ll be someone willing to help!

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