Monthly Archives: June 2009

Upgrade time!

(Yes, the camera-Nazis can proceed to laugh at me now.)

Frustrated by the lack of (cheap) fast prime lenses for the D40, I’ve just upgraded to a D90. Bought it second-hand (again) together with one such prime lens, at just S$20 above my budgeted price – since there’s still more than half a year on the warranty, I figured that was a price worth paying. I’m currently quite behind on the savings schedule, but since that’s all I’m really planning to spend for awhile, I guess I should be catching up in the months ahead.

Happily, I was able to sell my D40 at no loss to myself – amazingly, through the magic of the second hand market, I was able to try out DSLR photography for a month at absolutely no monetary cost to myself. How cool is that?

The new camera has quite a few more knobs and buttons, and while I can safely ignore them for basic usage, I’d better figure out what exactly everything does sometime soon!


New Japan pictures

Haven’t added anything to my travel album in some time – haven’t really been taking that many photos in my recent trips to Japan. I brought my new camera this time round, though, and managed to take more shots.

(Also visited a Ninja park over there, which was really fun, even if it’s decidedly targeted at children.)

Supper in Singapore

…is oddly similar to the Singaporean breakfast, it seems (though this one was from the more famous Casuarina Curry). A foreign reader of my blog might assume we eat nothing else.

Somehow fried dough doesn’t make for a very impressive photograph, does it? I’m still getting hungry looking at it, though.

Technology in the classroom

So it was an unexciting week of lectures at NIE, and I was part of a significant proportion of the student population hard at work on their laptops surfing the internet doing educational stuff. Somehow, my mind wandered to a recent Time article I’d read about using Twitter in church (during services). Looking around at the laptop-armed students around me, I wondered if the classroom could perhaps be improved with the use of Twitter during a lesson.

After some googling, it seems that this isn’t exactly a new idea, but it seems that the bulk of Twittering occurs outside of the classroom, plus it seems to have mostly targeted university students thus far. Using it at the secondary level seems a whole lot riskier, and I can understand why – I’ve discarded (for now) the possibility of allowing students to Twitter while a proper class is going on, although with a unit on debates coming up next term, perhaps I can try out a lesson where the Twitter interface instead becomes the primary medium used.

I’ll still need to think this through quite a bit, but I do think that social media has a lot of potential in teaching (both inside and outside of the classroom). I’m currently deliberating whether or not to allow my students to add me on Facebook (and whether that can somehow be utilised for educational purposes), and am currently quite intrigued by the possibilities Google Wave has to offer.

What an exciting (if workful) time for the geek teacher!

Food photography in Japan

So I was recently in Japan again, and I took the chance to try out my new camera (I’ve since got a proper lens for it). I’m still not experimenting very much, but even when using the camera as an advanced point-and-shoot, the results are definitely better than pre-DSLR days. This S$500 is turning out to be a really good investment!


Katsu curry