Lens compatibility

I don’t actually have a lens for my camera right now, although I’m working on remedying that problem. Turns out the lens compatibility issue (my cheap camera isn’t fully compatible with older lenses) is hitting me harder than expected – the three lenses I’d borrowed from Kenny can’t focus automatically on my camera, and I’m not particularly good with manual focusing (as can be seen above).

I did play around with the 50mm prime lens though (since it’s comparatively easier to play with the focusing when not distracted with zooming). I managed to catch this photo which I think is actually pretty good – especially considering the fact that it was taken with manual focus. I’m finding this really enjoyable – I don’t think I’m giving up DSLR photography any time soon!


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  1. Urm… a 55mm prime lens? I think u meant a 50mm one right? ;p

    Get a D90!!!!

    • haha! 50mm, that’s right. ooops. have corrected that error. the D90’s actually next up in my upgrade plan, assuming all goes well with the D40 =P

  2. haha. now you’re eyeing a D90? that’s fast for someone who said you were on a low budget and just trying out… diaoz lol

    anyway, i just cant resist saying: ‘i told ya’ about the lens incompatibility. if not for that i might have taken the d5000. i guess they had to differentiate it from the d90, but of all things to do..

    have fun! manual focus on fast/moving objects is kinda problematic. get an AF-S 18-55 VR soon! or something better if you’re going to change to D90 that soon

    • i didn’t say anything about changing soon! ‘next up’ could be in like 2 years or more… i dunno. i think lens upgrades are higher on my priorities than body right now. but skill upgrade comes before that!

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