Nikon D40

Am now the proud owner of a not-so-new Nikon D40, against the advice of my camera-Nazi friends. I think most of them don’t appreciate that I’m approaching this with quite a bit of apprehension – I’m actually prepared to sell it off again should I fail to take to DSLR photography, and at S$380 for the camera body, it’s not a particularly heavy investment.

I took a few pictures while inspecting the camera before purchase, and while it’s not particularly impressive (looks a little noisy – gotta figure out those controls soon), I thought I should just catalogue the very first picture I’ve taken on my new old camera. Hope my skills improve in the coming weeks!


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  1. lol. camera-Nazi indeed. Apprehension true. However it gets more complicated if you think about what will depreciate the least if you sell it off later, and whether you will have a more enjoyable experience with a different set. The interesting thing is that this is one community that is never short on advice. No matter what, welcome, and just have fun =]

  2. Hello there. Where can I purchase Nikon D40?

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