Simple photography seminar

I’ve decided to go to this seminar on Saturday. I’ve been interested in getting a DSLR and learning more about photography for some time now, though the cost remains a relatively big barrier. In the meantime, though, I figure $10 is a pretty low price to learn some simple techniques, though 3h does sound pretty long. Hopefully what’s covered isn’t too basic, I’d hate to have wasted time listening to things that are available from the user’s manual!

(Anyone else interested in popping down?)


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  1. the seminar’s geared towards pns cameras though, which all have largely limited capabilities and functions. half of it will probably be too basic though there might be some good tips to salvage the situation.
    canon gives you a free tutorial session when you buy their cameras. at their workshop, which might be better than this mass $10 thingy by i-dunno-who.
    do invest in a dslr, don’t be frightened off by it =p everything turns out much better than a pns

    • Hmm you’re right, I suspect that even if there’s stuff I dunno being covered, it might be less than 20% of the entire seminar (apparently Thomas Ong and whoever are going to talk about their ‘experiences with PowerShot’, which sounds like a waste of time).

      I think I won’t be going down after all! Shall use the time to research DSLR options instead, haha.

  2. oh and i suggest making url links more prominent. right now they are just bolded grey in normal text, which makes it kinda hard to spot. perhaps underline or something

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