Fantasy femmes

I might not be embarking on that European getaway after all (too expensive, and somehow I’m not really too keen on solo backpacking right now), so the alternative leisure activity is obviously to lose myself in an online fantasy world and vegetate away.

(Also because Jun Da’s been thinking of picking it up again after his exams, haha.)

This post isn’t about that, though. It’s about the background art that’s visible while running the WoW installation program – the focus of the image seems to be that (blood elf?) chick wielding a big-ass knife. More specifically, though, her half-exposed chest. It makes no sense – doesn’t it get cold out there? Doesn’t all that exposed flesh kinda reduce her stealthiness, given the skin tone? Does it perhaps give her some sort of tactical advantage, like an added distraction against male enemies (and some female ones, I bet) granting her +2 to her backstab rolls? (I know, I’m mixing up game mechanics here.)

Not that I’m complaining (too much), but can anyone think up any sort of rational explanation, other than the possibility that fantasy artists are simply horny? Maybe someone should let them know that it’s not that kind of fantasy…


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  1. I want to play too! but isn’t it costy…
    Anyway, I know too few gamers… end up playing dota on my own…

    • yeah it’s a bit pricey… but i guess if i play only 2-3 months per year, should be pretty affordable lah (although i wonder if i really want to play at such low frequency).

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