Chinese VVIPs visit

About a week ago, I received the following email.

Dear Colleagues

We will be hosting a delegation of more than 20 Chinese political and senior government officials from PRC this Friday, 24/4/09, from 8.30 a.m. to 9.10 a.m.

The delegation will be headed by  HE Mme. Liu Yandong, PRC State Councillor (equivalent to DPM rank).  The other high ranking officials accompanying her include PRC Minister for Education; PRC Vice-Minister of Science and Technology and China’s Ambassador to Singapore.

Their visit is important for RI and Singapore. It is our honour to be able to showcase RI and all the wonderful things that the teachers and students here are engaged in. It is also our privilege to be able to highlight what Singapore education is all about and that RI represents something special.

They have requested to visit RI and to understand us better. They will be engaging some of our students, observe a classroom lesson and have a dialogue with PRI and all the DPs. Their route of tour will begin from the main office through Heritage Centre and to the Science Hub.

Some students will be disrupted from their classes to welcome the entourage and participate in the morning welcome.

Ms Ho Peng, DGE, will also be joining us at RI to welcome them.

As such, the dress code for this Friday will be the usual dress code adopted from Monday to Thursday for all staff. Kindly refrain from being in polo T-shirts or anything very informal, please.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me or any EXCO member.

We seek your understanding and cooperation.

Many thanks.

I wasn’t personally involved in any way, but since I wasn’t having lessons during that timeframe, it was the perfect opportunity for me to kaypoh a bit and check out what was happening. Since I wasn’t actually helping out, I didn’t really get to see much aside from the fanfare made when the visitors arrived and left, but it was still quite exciting to witness the vehicle convoy (including police motorbikes) arriving and leaving.

(Or perhaps I’ve just become too used to the pace of everyday school life?) Ah, the benefits (?) of teaching in a premier school…


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  1. walau RI looks more like a (Malaysian) college. i went to a pretty good school and it wasn’t nearly as swankified la!

    • From what I’ve heard, the building was constructed as a junior college (where we do the A-levels) but somehow that plan was scrapped and we got the building instead. Which isn’t something I’m complaining about =D

  2. how odd that the music sounds so very scottish!

    • I guess there’s no other way for bagpipes to sound. But yes, I thought it weird that we were welcoming the guests with Scottish funeral music… (seems to be the only time I see bagpipes on TV)

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