Planning out the term

I’d never really used iCal previously, instead relying on Google Calendar for its online any-computer access, as well as my handphone’s calendar system for reminders to do certain tasks. I’d found myself wanting to plot out my lesson schedule for the rest of my practicum, but it’s quite a bit of a hassle on Google’s web interface.

However, after finding out that I could sync iCal with my Google Calendar, I decided to give it a spin, and I find that I like it quite a lot. It handles faster than Google Calendar, and the syncing capability means I can plan out my (school) schedule at home and still access/edit it at school (on the Windows laptop I’ve been provided).

Suddenly I’m interested in the iPhone once more – I’m pretty sure that it should sync with iCal pretty well. I guess I’ll wait and see if a 32GB version is released this year. If so, and the battery life is improved, I might just switch when I’m next able to upgrade my handset.


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  1. showing your timetable to everyone? haha

    i guess it makes it all worth it if you can sync it to gcal. i believe that the most impt point is having it accessible anytime anywhere (with a net cxn) without having to pay exorbitant fees or to be tied to a company (eg. m$ exchange server).
    there’s an offline gcal right? i like the friend-invite/sync capabilites of gcal, only if more ppl use it. i even get free sms notifications when an event pops up. v cool.

    • haha, yes, not like it’s classified or anything.

      offline gcal is a nifty idea, but it’s not perfect – you can’t modify (or add) any events. overall, a well-designed client (like iCal) will probably still be faster.

  2. iphoneeeeeeeeeee

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