Had my first (informal) observation by my NIE supervisor today. It went surprisingly smoothly – she thought it was a well-prepared lesson, and that I speak pretty well. Criticisms were aplenty, though, so I’ve still got loads to improve on. Classroom management is probably a big weakness of mine, though the class was (somewhat eerily) angelic today – seems like they don’t hate me after all!

In other news, I’ve managed to get myself a free ticket (from the school) to The Bridge Project’s production of The Winter’s Tale. I’ve never been big on Shakespeare, and this hasn’t really changed, but the opportunity to catch a production with such stunning resume (Sam Mendes! Wow!) was just too much to miss (Singapore’s the only Asian stop!). I guess it’s never too late to attempt to start appreciating the arts, huh?

Although if there’s anything I remember from studying Shakespeare a decade ago, it’s that I’ll be totally lost if I go and watch the play without having any knowledge of it – which is my current status. I’ll probably need to remedy that before this coming Saturday. SparkNotes, here I come!


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  1. vanilla sister

    wow the winter’s tale is really hot right now! RSC is doing a production of it really soon, and my old company in london is doing a musical version called a winter’s tale. i’m really envious, this show looks brilliant! ethan hawke! <3

  2. wahhhh, even feeds have adverts now! Gone professional?

    I just got back from my first ever musical experience -Wicked. I thought it was wicked indeed. Any other recommendations? Is Les Miserable good to watch? Or Phantom?

    • I really liked Avenue Q, and also Billy Elliot the Musical. Generally I prefer more modern musicals, so I didn’t really enjoy Phantom or Les Mis that much – although Ailin likes those two (especially the latter), so tastes differ lah.

  3. very nice!

    did the class think they were the ones being evaluated? haha.

  4. surreal leh Mr. Tan … you teaching and inspiring kids? so how … preaching procrastination still?

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