Using restaurants as coffee joints

Maybe if I had a blog titled “Stuff Teachers Like”, this would be an entry in it. Except that it wouldn’t be very accurate (yet!) – it’s a personal modification rather than an actual thing that teachers like.

Coffee joints like Starbucks seem to be a popular place for us to hang out after school hours – you can easily pick out the teachers by looking out for their trusty red pens, and the huge stacks of papers they’re marking with them. I had a few hours to kill yesterday prior to catching Watchmen and some stacks of test papers of my own to grade, so I thought of doing the same. However, I don’t actually fancy coffee all that much, milk tea being my beverage of choice, so I popped into one of those HK cafes instead.

I don’t really enjoy the food all that much, but it offers quite a good option to get some comfortable seats at really low prices (depending on what you order, of course) – with a hot teh-si, the bill would have been under S$2 (even including taxes and service charge)! Since I was staying for quite some time though, I got myself another cup of (iced) milk tea, with the bill totalling S$5.10 in the end.

So I ended up staying there slightly longer than 3h. I don’t know if I’ll do it often, but I think given the choice between Starbucks and a HK cafe, I’d definitely prefer the latter option.


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