Bike resurrection

I’ve actually really missed cycling in the UK – this may well be the only healthy activity I actually enjoy – and since I never did start cycling between Boon Lay MRT and NIE due to fear for my life (and unfavourable weather), I thought I should start cycling between my home and school now. It’s apparently only 4.3km by road, I’ll probably see how long that takes me later on a test ride.

So today I’ve actually fixed up Allan’s bike (the tyres were dead) that I’d borrowed with the intention of doing the Boon Lay ride, and got some extra accessories (lights and lock). Probably need to de-rust it a bit too. All in all it’d cost quite a bit, but still a lot cheaper than what I’d used to spend in the UK. Plus, I guess there’s the money saved from not taking public transport.

Now I just need to work out the logistics of cycling to work – probably need to leave some clothes at work or something. I’ll figure it out, somehow.


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  1. my brother used to cycle to work. serangoon to NJC. think he simply got dressed at work. apparently if you cycle before sunrise you barely sweat, cos it’s cool and there’s continuous wind since you’re always moving.

  2. hahah thanks for doing up the bike!! i’ll probably refund you a bit when i eventually collect idea when though! =p

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