Speedier StarHub torrents

I’ve been suffering really lousy Bittorrent speeds on StarHub for years now, usually amounting to about 20kB/s, and was actually thinking of switching to SingNet to see if there would be an increase in speed. I eventually decided not to due to the costs involved, but I recently became really fed up and decided to drop them a query, trying to determine if they were indeed blocking ports (whatever that exactly means) and to see if there was any way I could increase my download speeds. They replied without saying very much, aside that I should not be facing any real difficulties.

Transmission speedStrangely enough, my download speeds have been a lot faster ever since then. Coincidence? Who knows? I’m just delighted to see such a large increase in transfer speeds. If you’ve been experiencing slow transfers yourself, though, it might be worth your time sending an email to ask about it.


Posted on February 27, 2009, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. wow. go read up how to do “tunneling” between your router and your comp. that can speed it up a little. also, if u have the most updated version of transmission, then turn on encryption so theoratically starhub can’t tell you’re torrenting and can’t throttle u.

    worth a shot.

    • hmm. any specific website you can refer me to regarding tunneling? i only know about port forwarding between router and computer. and i already do encryption lah =P

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