Site valuation

So, according to this, is currently (as of 22/2/09) worth a whopping S$6000. Any buyers? =P

I guess most of the page views comes from the wiki page I’d set up when I was still bored in uni. It was meant to be pretty much just an experiment of sorts, but I guess it’s been pretty successful – I’ve recently crossed the US$100 mark in ad revenue, which means I should (finally) be getting my first AdSense cheque. However, I must be doing something wrong since daily ad revenue is supposed to be in the region of $5, while I’d be lucky to even get 10% of that. Of course since the only advert was a single banner at the bottom of every page, I guess that wasn’t too much of a surprise.

So, since I had some free time this weekend (no more NIE for a few months now, woohoo!), I gave the MWBS Wiki a little redesign. Aside from some functionality upgrades (utilises screen estate better, room for expansion in the navigation bar, etc.) I’ve evilly added more banners. I’ve always hated banners at the top of the page, so I’ve avoided going down that path, and though they’re not quite Google’s advised placement spots, hopefully the new ads manage to balance aesthetics and click-drawing power.

I guess I shouldn’t be expecting too much of a site catering to a free Facebook-based game, and one that I’m not really putting much effort into anymore, at that. Still, I wouldn’t mind a second cheque coming its way soon! =P


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