Gone shoppin’

I went shopping today. It wasn’t exactly a planned thing – I went mainly to redeem a free $5 voucher, but somehow ended up being sucked by the combination of the many items on offer (today was the last day of the Tangs sale), the newly-acquired voucher I had to use within the week and the additional 10% discount I was entitled to as a Citibank card holder (get yours today – ask me to refer you! Heh heh).

I think this is the first time I’ve actually done proper shopping at a departmental store – it was definitely the first time I’d asked the attendants for help/suggestions. The whole process of selecting clothes and trying them out is certainly a time-consuming hassle, but it wasn’t quite as terrible as I’d expected. I guess there’s something to be said for retail therapy after all! So, about $280 poorer but more prepared for my upcoming practicum, I trotted out of the store with a new pair of shoes, two pairs of trousers, three shirts and a belt.

I bet someone’s still going to end up commenting on my limited arsenal of clothes anyway – somehow that always happens, whether or not I try.


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  1. by someone, do you mean “my-overbearing-girlfriend”? ;)

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