Funny nekkid people (NSFW?)

(Avoid this entry if you’re squeamish about naked bodies. Of the blurry buttocks nature, to be more specific.)

A few weeks back I first read about a couple (one Caucasian, one Chinese) that took a walk naked around Holland Village. I’d thought that was it, a weird if amusing episode, but it seems like it’s not the end of it after all – a similar naked couple was recently spotted at CityLink (I got a photo from here, though I’ve taken the liberty of doing some simple Photoshop work since I really hated the ugly watermarks).

Aside from being spotted live, I’ve also seen the cardboard couple on TV, so it’s actualy an official IKEA ad campaign. It’s not the original couple – the male at least looks rather different – but I thought it was really amazingly smart that the advertising team responded so quickly to a relatively recent event, in a rather creative manner no less. Go advertisers!

In more serious news, it seems that the original couple are being charged and may end up being fined/jailed. Tough luck for the clothing-disinclined!


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  1. sad that SG laws are like that, can’t take a joke these people
    prob get a cursory fine

    i wonder how IKEA got approval from MDA for the advertising stunt

    and on an unrelated sidenote: i saw david court in nus.

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