5-day week a failure?

‘We should accept that as a people our procreation talent is not our forte – nothing to crow about,’ he said.

‘I urge the Government to take steps to determine whether our productivity and competitiveness have been affected by the five-day week and to review the policy, if necessary,’ he added.

Reconsider 5-day week? (Straits Times article)

Now, the Straits Times seems to like quoting people out of context, so I’m willing to afford this guy some benefit of the doubt here – but my goodness! What a thing to suggest.

So the 5-day week was implemented primarily to push up our birth rate? Work/life balance, having more family time – not ringing any bells? Thankfully he’s not a PAP guy, or they’d be getting lots of flak for it (although knowing Singaporeans, I suspect they are going to anyway) – the quoted character isn’t actually related to the ruling party (I think). He’s not even elected, which is possibly why he’s so willing to make such an unpopular suggestion.

Although with the rise of China and India, both countries with a work ethic crazier than even our own, I wonder if there’s something to what he’s saying. Still, I think we are probably better off having more time to enjoy life, even at the expense of national competitiveness.


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  1. hmm.  does india really have a crazier work ethic?  in fact, does china?

  2. i thought his suggestion was rather ridiculous and extremely off. i would at least hear him out if he claimed it was to boost our competitiveness in the downturn. as far as im concerned, any of those guys not vocally associated with the opposition are firmly PAP. like everyone is more concerned about the economy and jobs and he’s concerned about birth rate. phah, is he stuck in the maternity ward all day or what

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