Policy: The Game

I haven’t worked so hard on a project for awhile… this one was surprisingly fun, though! Basically designing a simple board game for a tutorial tomorrow. It’s a group project, with some input from all, but Kenny and I have been the main contributors for the game itself. Here’re the PowerPoint slides for tomorrow when I present the game rules – check it out if you like. The formatting’s a bit different after uploading, but the text is all there.

Anyone interested in publishing this for us? =P


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  1. haha this looks quite realistic (the descriptions on the policy cards anyway). does it actually make you more effective in real life?

    • ‘It’ as in the game? Make you more effective… teachers? Not really, it ostensibly lets the teacher trainees experience the difficulties and conflicts in policy implementation, but of course the primary purpose is really to let them have time during the session =D(Although, if my tutor is reading this, the educational benefit’s totally the primary objective.)

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