Creepily coincidental

I’ve never been a big fan of predestiny, since I’d much rather believe in free will and fail to see how these two ideas can coexist. In fact, I’m not particularly confident of the common Christian concept that God has a specific plan for all of us. Of course, this personal slant of mine is based mostly on preference rather than any empirical evidence (I don’t think we’ve figured out any method to confirm it, one way or the other). On the other hand, I occasionally encounter a series of events which seem so creepily coincidental and sometimes surprisingly fortuitous that I start to reconsider the possibility of such a plan.

Today I went to SNGS (my sister’s school) for a parent briefing session – my parents weren’t particularly keen on going, and I figured that I’d take the chance to check out what today’s secondary schools were offering the students. I bumped into my former army officer there, which was really weird since I’d recently (on New Year’s Day) re-read an email he’d sent me. So, it turns out his daughter is actually my sister’s classmate this year!

His wife was there as well, so we made some self-introductions. I remember hearing that she was a school principal back when I still worked with her husband, but she’s been working at the HQ for some time now – having recently taken charge of a psychology-related department. It’s actually really great that I’ve met her, since after some discussion with Ailin I’ve come to reconsider utilising my psychology degree and becoming a specialist in MOE rather than pursuing the leadership track, and it never hurts having someone I could ask for advice from.

On top of all that, I’ve discovered that I can try looking Mr Tan JC up should I ever need another job – he’s recently started his very own tuition centre.

It was a coincidental day indeed, involving a pleasant chance encounter with someone I rather like and respect (even if we’ve never been particularly close), as well as completely unintentional (but very useful) networking.

God, are you trying to tell me something?


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