A year in words

And now for the annual reflection. It’s technically my seventh, though last year’s was kinda cheaterly, but for the sake of continuity I’ll treat it as one of the set.

The last seconds of 2008 were spent in good company, though perhaps rather mindlessly staring at the idiot box for the countdown and watching the fireworks display over Marina Bay. It felt rather surreal, since school only starts for me on the 5th of January, so it didn’t actually feel like anything had changed during the transition from 2008 to 2009.

Perhaps that’s because the whole of 2008 was pretty much a time of transitions, for me. I’ve spent perhaps (give or take) 3 months in Japan, 4 in the UK, and 5 in Singapore. The final year of my undergrad degree, I should probably have been working hard to ensure a good degree class, yet at the same time the knowledge that it was almost over somehow made it so much more difficult to feel anything aside from weary and jaded about the whole studying business. This feeling seems to have been carried over to the PGDE programme, yet another transitional period between studying and working. I suspect I’ve yet to fully get used to living back together with my family, losing the freedom and independence I’ve become so used to while living abroad (though admittedly it’s nice not to have to do so many chores or cooking).

Indeed, a year of transitions.

I suppose the transition period carries on to 2009, beginning with the second half of the diploma programme and beginning teaching proper in the second half of the year. Hopefully I’ll be able to settle more permanently, to really enjoy and appreciate what I do, to do it well, and to make time for family, friends, and other pursuits in the meantime. It’s kinda vague, but I’m not really good with the whole resolution thing.


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