Chocolate mine

I was on Wikipedia looking for information on Ferrero Rocher (Ailin was wondering if it was truly a foreign product) when I discovered another example of wiki-vandalism. The page confidently asserted that the chocolates are mined at a renewable rate in Italy.

It is a little known fact that the mines ‘Rocher’ are extracted from tend to regrow the removed spheres at a constant rate. Ferrero SpA discovered this rate in the mid 1960’s and can now mine the small cholocate candy in a renewable way. Various other Rocher mines have been discovered outside Italy but have since been deemed unnecesary and hazardous to the longterm perpetuation.

Sadly, the vigilant editors of Wikipedia seem to have picked up on that paragraph and have since removed it. Still, that’s pretty darned funny!

(Incidentally, Ferrero SpA turns out to be indeed an Italian company, and is in fact responsible for Nutella, Kinder Bueno/Surprise, and even tic tacs!)


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