Back from Japan

So I’m home now. Have been back for some days already, actually, but only just started feeling like I needed to update the blog.

I really didn’t do very much this trip, although this time I did follow Ailin to her shougakkou (elementary/primary school) as Santa Claus. Little Japanese kids are actually really cute – especially when decked in their little chef outfits when serving kyushoku (school lunch). I had lunch with this bunch of rascals (ninensei, or second years, I think), and though I had absolutely no clue what they were saying (aside from trying to teach me the ichi-ni-sans of Japanese counting), it was relatively enjoyable. Until the whole class started swarming me for presents, anyway. That was scary. And funny. All at the same time!

While doing some browsing in the supermarkets I came across a section of gift meats for the festive season. This consisted nicely packaged meats. What a delightful concept! Imagine receiving a gift box of six chunks of beef, turkey, ham, etc. ready for roasting. I suppose maybe the giver might be hinting for you to host a dinner party. Not something you’ll find in Singapore (I think). I don’t remember ever seeing stuff like that in the UK either…

It might well be the last time I’m travelling while having that funky KrisFlyer Elite Gold status, and though it seems I’ll never be getting any free upgrades on these super-full flights between Singapore and Tokyo, I’ve been making good use of the airport lounges. I went to check out United Airlines’ lounge. It was very big, and had these super-cool automated beer machines, but all in all I liked ANA’s lounge better. We eventually relocated to ANA’s lounge, where Ailin pointed out something that I didn’t notice – the fishcake in their udon had ANA’s logo stamped onto it. Funny stuff.


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  1. looking rather stern for st nick, aren’t you?  love the fact that there’s an opening for your lips; rather thoughtful design.

    • The opening proves really handy should you ever wish to eat food that’s all fluff-ridden from the shedding beard. I chose to give this option a miss, though.

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