Back in Japan

So I’m back in Japan. It’s been a nice mix of busyness and slackness, often going out in the past few days to meet Ailin’s friends (whom I’ve kinda gotten to know after all the repeated visits). Anyway, while looking through some pictures I’d snapped on my phone, I discovered this little gem.

I know Japanese toilets are kinda infamous, and I’ve already seen them billions of times really, but somehow I found these tourist-friendly instructions in Narita Airport really amusing. I guess the line ‘equipment to cleansing the buttocks with warm water’ just really set me off, somehow.

Today I took a walk to Yaoko, the nearest supermarket (I think) to Ailin’s place. I recorded the route using GPS on my phone (ohwhatfun!), so you can take a look and try to figure out where exactly in Japan I am, if you were curious.

I’ve been hoping to cook for myself while in Japan (since I don’t usually do it at home anymore, I actually kinda miss it), but I need to stock up on groceries first. You’d have thought that was the motivation behind the supermarket trip, but since I’m too lazy to bring home bags of groceries without a car, it was really just to get some lunch.

The supermarket tonkatsu might seem a little pricey at about S$5, but considering that the quality’s better than in some (lower-end) restaurants in Singapore, I think it’s a pretty good deal. Topped off with some home-cooked rice, an orange, and milk tea, it made a pretty satisfying (if somewhat pricey) meal.


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