Day out

I went out today. This might not sound like earth-shaking news, until you consider that I’ve more or less not done so ever since school started. Well, I’ve gone out for meals, and adjourned to friends’ for post-dinner games, but that’s about it really. (Which is, incidentally, related to why I haven’t been blogging for some time – those assignments just kept coming! It’s not actually all that bad – I’ve definitely had time to blog if I’d wanted to, just that after rushing all those assignments, you don’t really feel like writing all that much…)

So on Monday I handed in my final assignment for the semester and suddenly I’m in holiday mode. I’ve still got classes to attend, but they pretty much finish this week – sweet! So yesterday I lounged around playing some computer games (starting on The Witcher, an RPG based on a Polish fantasy series of the same name), and decided that today will be spent on some chores I’d been meaning to do for awhile.

First up was the dentist. I’ve definitely got to find a cheaper place – TP Dental Surgeons is simply too expensive. It seems to cater to the expatriate crowd (which might explain the price), since the other customers there seem to be angmoh or Japanese. I mean, maybe they’re better somehow, but I think premium examination/scaling/polishing services are something I’m not willing to pay for.

Next, I went to claim some Tangs vouchers. I’d been making use of a referral scheme to score some free vouchers, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve earned S$80 doing pretty much nothing more than asking my friends if they wanted a Citibank credit card. Talk about easy money (If you want to apply for one let me know hor)! I think free vouchers are really good publicity for the company, though – I was wondering what to spend my newly-earned vouchers on, so I walked around and identified things I should buy before starting work next year. I’ll probably wait till the next GSS, though – I’ll probably be using the vouchers on a phone this time round.

I’ve actually been thinking of getting the Nokia N85 recently. It all started out with wishing I had a WiFi-capable mobile phone, so I could have web access at school without requiring a computer (or paying pricey 3G fees). Then I figured I should probably get something which can take decent (if not brilliant) photos, especially since I no longer have my own camera. Happily enough, there is a SingTel-affiliated store at Tangs that I can use the vouchers on, so I’ll probably get the phone soon enough.

Finally, I went for a free corporate photo shoot (again, from signing up for a credit card with Citibank). I was a little apprehensive about it, especially after reading poor reviews on the service, but figured that I had nothing much to lose since it was a free service. It turned out surprisingly well, perhaps because as a guy I didn’t have any problems with makeup, and I ended up purchasing a soft copy for S$10. Kinda pricey for a 30¢ CD, but as a overall package it was still a pretty good deal, and I can now print more copies by myself if required.

A day full of mundane tasks, but somehow I feel very satisfied having done them. It’s a snooze-worthy enough post as it is now, so I’ll probably just end here. Hopefully my next post will be a happy one about a new phone purchase!


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  1. haven’t i recommended other dental options to you before?

    • Yes you did! Was trying to search my chat logs for them haha. But from what I recall they weren’t particularly near my place… Hmm. Oh well, I’ve got six months to figure it out.

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