Kua si mi?

Two teenagers stabbed in clash outside Plaza Singapura

I’d always thought those movie/TV scenes where vicious fights start off with somebody shouting “kua si mi?” (I think that’s “看什么?” or “what are you looking at?”) were greatly exaggerated, but apparently not.

Aren’t there better things to fight over, other than disrespectful glances? Maybe these guy should enlist in the army, at least they’ll be paid to channel their aggression into something constructive. Then again, I’m not sure if they’re the type of people I’d want in my platoon, standing beside me with a rifle in hand. Or maybe they are – with such fierce loyalty, I doubt they’ll be abandoning you in a firefight!


Posted on October 19, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. this happened one or two weeks ago in the heartlands too. someone got attacked by 2 teenagers, slashed or stabbed on the back.

    these people need aspirations, goals, motivation, purpose in the correct form. sigh. pity they grew up this way

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