Web design for education

Wow. I just spent the last few hours working on my physics assignment. My partner pretty much produced all the content for this task (it’s supposed to be my turn the next time round), but I did spend quite some time and effort working on the presentation (in the form of a website). Much of the time was probably spent figuring my way around using iWeb, which I’ve never used before but was delightfully easy to pick up.

So here’s the final product – let me know if you see any mistakes, or areas where it can be improved!

Interactive Simulation Task on Critical Angle & Total Internal Reflection

I’m actually really proud of the way it turned out – I modified one of their default templates, but it still looks pretty good, and (I think) iWeb isn’t used frequently enough for it to be instantly recognised as superbly unoriginal. It’s great to see something I’d occasionally toyed with (web design) come in handy for my future career, and that even something as frivolous as this domain can come in handy!

I think I can see myself using technological tools quite often in my lessons. Now, if only I had more ideas on how to integrate it with English Language classes…


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  1. Um, totally irrelevant to the nicely polished iWeb site (how come presentations are now done using websites anyhow?), but yes, I hope I’ve made it in time to wish ya Happy Birthday.

    And may your 25th year be as exciting as ever. :D

    • haha, i’d meant presentation style rather than an actual presentation to people, guess that wasn’t very clear. i actually realised later when trying to print that the coding was probably a bit whacked (or maybe i used too many textboxes), though i guess that’s not too important for a school assignment.but yes, thanks for the birthday wishes!

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