Buy and sell

I just sold my camera for S$270. That’s only about 60% of what I’d paid for it, but it’s still money, and far better than the $0 I’d have got by hanging on to something I wasn’t really using.

I’ve actually been reselling my (more expensive) old stuff for quite some time now, I guess I first encountered eBay when buying/selling vintage toys back in my JC days, haha. After awhile I figured that some of my belongings could still fetch a pretty sum when sold off, and I could get some pretty good deals on used items. While I understand the insistence on buying new items sometimes (for example, I generally prefer a new laptop since it’s something I will use very often), I’ve probably saved quite a bit on tech goods (like computer parts) by selling and buying old stuff.

I think the second hand market is really a good way of cutting expenses, actually, as well as cutting waste – reduce, reuse and recycle! It’s a pity many people don’t seem to be aware of the option, or are simply unwilling to expend the extra time/effort.

(Well, it took me weeks to get motivated enough to list my camera for sale, so maybe I’m not one to talk!)


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