Come dream with me tonight

I recently mentioned The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin to some friends and decided to look it up. I remember really liking it when I watched it so many years ago (here’s the theme song – it might jog some memories), but the thing with children’s shows is that, well – they’re children’s shows. No matter how fondly I remember them, they tend to be somewhat disappointing when revisiting them as an adult – as was demonstrated by Transformers and DuckTales (yes, I’d tried watching them more recently haha).

Teddy Ruxpin’s apparently a little different since it’s highly serialised (as opposed to the standalone episode style), so it might be a really pleasant watch, but on the other hand it seems to be chock-full of the over-simplistic morals and storylines which now rather annoy me =P

I guess I’ll try see if I could preview the series first before actually considering the DVDs, haha…

edit: I managed to find the first episode somewhere online, yeah it’s a bit too kiddy at this age. I wonder if I should just leave these old shows alone, they seem to be always better in memory than upon rewatching?


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  1. oh my… i recognise the characters, but cant remember anything about the story now…

    It’s one of those kid-ish cartoon on tv when i was young… was more hooked to slamdunk…

    I enjoyed Count Duckula though… as oppose to duck tales… vampires are cute.

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