This continental drift

For the longest time I’ve been wondering if there’s any way to break that seemingly never-ending cycle of “continually floating closer to some people and drifting from others”. In fact, back before I’d made up my mind on which university to attend, it’d been on my mind too – I wonder if this had been a major factor in choosing York, in the end?

Something I vaguely remember covering in my degree was the concept of establishing common ground in communication – I can’t remember the specifics, but it seems to me that’s definitely something you share less with people you don’t hang out around anymore. It saddens me, seeing people I used to get along swimmingly turn more and more into strangers, knowing that there’s still much (hopefully) mutual goodwill but there simply aren’t enough commonalities in your life to converse about anymore, but now I’ve come to accept it as simply part and parcel of life.

Can it actually be fought, though? If you agonise through some painful hit-and-miss attempts, will you discover some previously hidden common ground? Or is it better to just let communication lapse, and silently go on with life? I’ve been going with the latter option as of late, but a part of me simply refuses to believe that’s the best option.

I thought I’d learnt to deal with it, but I guess you’re never done with learning, are you?


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