The embarrassing past

I’ve been informed that apparently this page can be found quite easily if you were to google my full name. The content is highly embarrassing (woobie-lovers rejoice!), but at the same time is highly amusing, so I’m in a bit of a fix whether or not I should get it removed (in case future students start stumbling upon my shameful past) or not (because it is simply hilarious).

I’ve actually stopped being a SingNet customer for almost a decade already, and am a little surprised the website’s still up. I guess that’s what happens when you itchy-finger go design webpage when everyone else was doing cool things like… err, being cool, whatever that entailed back then.

Some tidbits I gathered after doing a quick tour of the defunct website…

  1. Ailin would be delighted to note that I’d described myself as ‘possessing a large nose’ almost a decade ago.
  2. Apparently I was quite good at generating high-scoring narrative essays back in the day (although I sometimes pilfered the storyline from short stories I’d read), no wonder I want to go back and teach English!
  3. I’d actually plotted out the backstory of an entire game series. Probably inspired by Jiunwei, I’m a little sad that I never actually got started on attempting game design at all though. On the other hand, I’d actually written a short story based on that backstory, the standard of which I doubt I can duplicate now.
  4. Interestingly I’d described myself as ‘officially Roman Catholic, disagree with some beliefs, but definitely Christian’ way back then, which is pretty much my religious stance now – only I’d thought I wasn’t all that definite back in 2000!
  5. The mysterious jeeraffe makes an appearance (and is kind of explained) on this page.

I usually have no qualms leaving my old web footprints online (like my old blog posts), simply because I know I’ve changed since then, they help remind me of what I used to be like back then, and most importantly – I don’t mind (and rather enjoy, actually) laughing at myself. Such self-depracating humour might not exactly be the best thing for building student-teacher respect, however.

So, should it stay, or should it go?


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  1. LOL!!!!

    So emo website!!!

    I remember I did a website on EVA back then… but chinese host deletes websites…

  2. Oh, I remember that site so well. You should definitely keep an archive of it for nostalgia’s sake, but if you think it’s embarrassing (though I don’t think there’s anything your students can exploit, unless you intend to rule them with an iron fist…) you can take it off. On the bright side, all because you “itchy-finger go design webpage” so long ago you now have a veritable blog of awesome, so I’m glad that’s what you did!

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