Traditional Chinese in Singapore

I saw this sign at the HarbourFront MRT station today. I’ve actually been meaning to improve my mediocre Chinese – I even try to read Chinese blog posts I come across! Anyway, so I rather instinctively made the effort to read the multilingual sign and was startled to see that the Chinese line was written using traditional (繁体) characters.

I tried to rationalise this, and automatically concluded that they were trying to cater to the increasing number of Chinese nationals that now populate the island. Moments later I remembered that China’s actually using the simplified (简体) characters that they teach in Singaporean schools, so this wasn’t it. I highly doubt that the sign was designed to cater to the Hong Kong and Taiwanese population either – some how I don’t think they’re all that numerous here? I could be wrong, though.

I ended up concluding that the person who designed the sign probably chose the traditional font by mistake, perhaps he was educated using traditional characters and didn’t notice there was anything amiss. Any alternative explanations, though?


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  1. There are plenty of signs written in tranditional chinese in China. I guess they just look better (cooler)…

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