The scurrilous Mac

So I’ve given Spore a try – it’s fun enough in the early stages, I suppose (I really quite enjoyed customising the creature), but later stages (tribal, civilization, space) rather lack depth, and I don’t really enjoy customising building and vehicle aesthetics quite that much. I’ll probably not be getting myself a copy, perhaps after they release some expansions (I’m expecting they’ll be milking the series much like they did with The Sims) to make the later gameplay somewhat more engaging?

Anyway, I recently got myself a Time Capsule for my home since I wanted a network drive for my laptop to do automatic backups on. I’m sure that buying a separate drive for my old Wireless-G router would have been cheaper, but I wanted the faster Wireless-N capability as well – large backups take a lot longer on the older technology! Besides, MOE is offering me S$400 per year I can spend on technological products (among other things), so I figured I might as well indulge myself this once.

I was rather shocked to realise during a backup one day that there was a file on the network drive which looked suspiciously like it was referring to my butt. I mean, I know I’m not the slimmest guy around, but I do draw the line at allowing my machines to make disparaging remarks about my rear end. Logic kicked in soon enough though, and upon investigating the detailed file information, it turns out that the backup file actually had a ‘sparsebundle’ extension, which when coupled with my continued use of the default computer name resulted in a very unfortunate contraction.

Maybe I should rename my computer someday…


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA that’s very unexpected! thought ur sis uploaded that file or something…. sparsebundle……….hahahaha

  2. Heh, that’s pretty darn amusing. Oh Finder, you comedian, you. Reminds me of the various BBloopers on as well.

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