Shutter Island

Just finished reading Lehane’s Shutter Island. Despite varying reviews I’ve found of it on the net, I really enjoyed it. I’m glad that Scorsese is working on a film adaptation – I foresee it being a major box office hit. And with the big names involved (aside from the director, there’re Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley, among others), I guess it’ll take a really huge miscalculation for it to flop. I’m particularly pleased to see Emily Mortimer will be in it, too – I really enjoyed her performance in Lars and the Real Girl, where she played the titular character’s (no, not the Real Girl) immensely loveable sister-in-law.

In fact, I find it kinda a pity that I’ve read the book already, since I think full awareness of the plot will lessen the film’s impact on me.  So if you’re planning to catch the film (due sometime next year), avoid finding out anything more about it before it’s released!


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  1. Scorsese and Dicaprio, Oscar bait for sure.


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