New reads?

I’ve abandoned the plan to cycle daily to school. I’d actually gone as far as to borrow Allan’s bicycle, but it looked too nice (and thief-magnety), plus the bus to NIE isn’t quite as packed as I’d feared (there’s a NIE-specific bus service that few of the NTU kids use), so I decided it wasn’t quite so practical in the end.

I’ve managed to get quite a lot of reading done on those hour-long train ride to and fro home, and I must say that commuting via public transport is really not that bad (rather enjoyable, even) if you manage to secure a seat and are properly armed with a book. I’ve mainly been reading novels by Dennis Lehane so far, which have been really enjoyable, but I think I’ll have finished reading all his works in maybe a fortnight’s time.

I’ve not been reading very much these few years though, so I’m quite out of touch with what’s good and what’s not. So, just wanted to ask everyone reading this for some book recommendations. Leave a comment, drop me an email, contact me on IM, anything – just recommend me some books to read!


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  1. I’m reading Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children atm…. Quite nice…

    Some of the books in the last year that I’ve enjoyed include Reading Lolita in Tehran (Azar Nafisi i think), Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen) and a couple of others which I can’t remember the titles of.. haha…

  2. vanilla sister

    terry pratchett terry pratchett! abundantly available from public libraries. other than the universally recommendable pratchett, it really depends on your tastes. have you read any jostein gaarder?

  3. one book i really loved last year was Time Traveller’s Wife. Some say its a chick-book, but i think its pretty inspiring. Especially for LDRs. HAHA. good for u. =P

  4. zadie smith is gd! i found On Beauty to be a hilarious page-turner. loads of pp loved her first book, White Teeth, too. 

  5. I second the recommendation for the Time Traveller’s Wife. Maybe a little chick-book, but it’s really well written.

    Also the Kite Runner? 

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