I’ve recently discovered Malaysianisms, a blog about stuff Malaysians like – suspiciously similar to Stuff White People Like. Nevertheless, I’ve been finding it a pretty entertaining read, mainly because many of the descriptions can easily be applied to Singaporeans too, and even those that can’t help to highlight the sometimes-subtle differences in culture between the two nations. It’s easy to not notice the similarities when you’re actually living in Singapore (and I suppose maybe in Malaysia) – it’s a pity we spend so much time hating each other, we forget how similar we really are.

Somehow I doubt that blog was designed to improve cross-straits relations though, so just head on over and have a little chuckle at them Malaysians poking fun at themselves.


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  1. Hi BFKAL,Thank you for the blog plug. Yes, the blog borrows it’s concept from SWPL but it’s interpretation hasn’t quite gone the way I intended it to, given the socio-political undertones.
    I find it very interesting that you have pondered the (unlikely) possibility that the contents of the blog might highlight our similarities as opposed to incite more animosity. In truth, the blog is merely aimed at poking fun at our idiosyncracies and trying to get people to take themselves less seriously.Kudos to your blog, the social exchange theory definitely piqued my interest. It’s great to see that Singapore’s blogosphere isn’t defined by female bloggers spewing trifle and frivolities.Good day.B.H.

    • It took me awhile to figure out what ‘BFKAL’ was, haha. I think Singaporeans and Malaysians don’t really start feeling solidarity with each other until placed overseas together (like if studying in England, for instance), and realise how much more different everyone else really is.
      Sadly enough, I suspect that a lot of Singapore’s blogosphere is defined by female bloggers spewing trifle and frivolities.

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