Blogging as brain exercise

I’ve been actively trying to blog more frequently these days, and I guess if the monthly post count is anything to go by, I’ve succeeded.

When I first started blogging, I was creating posts rather frequently – with an average of >0.75 posts per day. Then 2004 came along, and with the decreased time at home due to BMT came a drop in blogging frequency. I guess I’d never really resumed the habit after that, clocking as little as five posts in some unproductive months.

This isn’t really a competition though, and it’s not like I earn any money from this blog, so all this didn’t really bother me too much. What bothered me, however, was the reflection-free pattern of life I’d fallen into. Especially now that I have working hours (well, similar to that) and have to commute everyday, usually returning home rather fatigued – it’s far too tempting to zone out, perhaps absorb information, and have nary a thought come out of the grey matter in my head.

A step in fighting this, I decided, would be to try and blog more frequently. Anything would do, ranging from lengthy reflections on current issues to little p365-style nuggets – I just wanted myself to write more. Any act of writing, I figured, would exercise my brain a little, and probably help maintain my language proficiency a little. Besides, I do plan to use blogging as a tool for teaching in the future, so I’d better keep myself in the know of how it all works!

I’ve also been told that I seem to blog for an audience these days, especially compared to the early years when I typed without regard for punctuation and whined a lot. I guess that’s true – the reason being that, well, I am. Blogs are pretty much public domain, and though I’m primarily writing for my friends to read, there’s no telling who’ll end up reading your stuff. I think in such a situation, it’s pretty foolhardy to write anything too personal.

Besides, if I’m not wrong, my ’emotional’ posts were mainly sad/angry rants, which nobody (including myself) would be interested in reading. I’m pretty sure I wrote plenty of stupid stuff back then, but I’ll just assume that people will be forgiving of an angsty silly JC kid. Not so much for supposedly rational 24-year-olds, though.

In summary, I do think that blogging can serve to be a good thought/writing exercise, especially if you’re like me and need the help to keep the gears tickin’.


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