Settlers of Catan

I was first introduced to Settlers of Catan by Weining, who got a bunch of us to play it using a set he’d brought home from Canada. I played it a few more times in Japan with some of Ailin’s friends, and decided to get myself the complete set from eBay at about US$150, including shipping to Singapore.

I hadn’t actually used it (or even take it out of the packaging) for quite a number of weeks after it’d arrived, though – today marks the first time I’ve played it (with Lester and Carey), and it was really great fun. Hopefully I can gradually convert my house (back?) into a hub of entertainment and lounging one day.

Maybe I’m just missing a Wii


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  1. abit like the VJC igloo (student’s lounge) eh?in that case, you’re not just missing a wii… you also need a pool table, a futsal table…and got free shuttle service anot? ;p 

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