Money matters

My very first successful card waiver!

I’ve long heard of card companies deciding to waive credit card fees for you if you call in and threaten to cancel the card, but I’ve never done it myself, not having a credit card of my own. More recently I heard from my brother that they usually refund the annual fee if you just call in and request for a waiver, which seems easy enough to do, but I didn’t think I’ll need to do it that soon.

Turns out that the debit card I’m using had suddenly decided to charge me an annual fee (or more accurately, the three year waiver had expired, since I got it shortly before leaving for the UK) and so I called in to try my luck at getting a fee waiver. It’s an easy enough procedure – just call the hotline, and voila! S$19 saved.

I think I’ll still be cancelling the card soon though, probably will be applying for some credit cards – mainly to enjoy the discounts offered – and this procedure seems to be quite troublesome if you’re juggling too many cards. I’m currently eyeing the Citibank SMRT Visa Card, since it doubles as an EZ-Link card (Singapore’s version of London’s Oyster card) and I’m definitely interested in maintaining a (relatively) light wallet. I’ll have to wait awhile for my first paycheck (12 Aug) though, a day I’m quite eagerly anticipating. =D

How exactly does someone rack up more than 1500 messages in less than a month?

On the end of the spectrum, we have my sister, a 12-year-old girl who has somehow managed to rack a bill of S$70+ on a mobile bill that’s supposed to be free (for six months). A large part of the bill was due to the number of text messages sent – a whopping 1568 in less than a month (25 days to be exact – it’s a new plan). I know that the female species is capable of many things beyond imagining, but how exactly she managed to use an average of 63 messages daily escapes my fragile male mind.

I’ve told her that she’s going to be paying for all excess charges, and am planning to get her to manage her own account in secondary school, but I wonder how exactly to teach a teen the value of money?


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  1. vanilla sister

    my sister’s racked up 3000 smses a month before – and my brother’s managed a bill that was more than the 3K sms bill through phone calls! so i’m sure it’s not just females :P i think it’s young kids in general. unless a female is cunningly making my brother call her and none of us know about it… hmm.

  2. i’ve only hit 1500 smses once i think… but arguably, i was working on a big production then… still, when i was in school, i’ve only hit… 1200 smses.. ;poh well. maybe sign her up for a plan which has like 2000 free smses? :) 

  3. lol, i’ve just been charged over 100 pounds for unplanned overdraft… went to the local branch and they told me they can’t see any charges, so nothing they can do…
    p.s. just realised somehow my google reader captured ur RSS feed. but the link on my blog was still linking to ur old site on wp.
    need to update wp to 2.6…. annoying….

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