Awaiting the dark knight

I’ve somehow managed to fall ill again. I suspect it’s related to the climate – I (almost) never fell ill in the UK, but I’m often getting sick back home. I’m actually feeling rather light-headed now, which might explain why I got into a near-accident (or two) last night while driving.

I think I should just avoid taking the wheel in the future, if feeling unwell.

Anyway. I’m actually really looking forward to catching The Dark Knight. I remember really liking the previous film (Batman Begins), although to be honest I can’t remember that much of it now. I really enjoyed some of Chris Nolan’s other works (e.g. Memento, The Prestige) though, and with all the rave reviews it’s getting now, I think it’s a movie I’ll really enjoy.

There’s actually a (not so well-known) recent Batman DVD release – Batman: Gotham Knight. Like The Animatrix, it’s a series of short animated films that fills in some blanks between the two movies. It’s done anime-style, which I’m actually not a big fan of, and I didn’t really like the first short all that much – but it grows on you, and as I watched on and started appreciating the different styles in each short film, I ended up being rather impressed with the whole project. Definitely worth taking a look at, if you’re not violently opposed to watching animated flicks.


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