I’m lovin’ it

That lone McDonald’s in Tomioka…

I’m a relatively big fan of McDonald’s internationally – in that I don’t actually eat it all that frequently, but really enjoy hunting down the local variations in each country.

So when I was about to leave Japan this time, I took the trouble to do the 20min cycle (from Ailin’s house) to McDonald’s – especially since there was this limited-edition burger that I really liked. It’s based off the Teriyaki burger (which I rather enjoy), except that it uses a crispy chicken fillet instead of a sausage patty. Teriyaki sauce + crispiness = good. They actually sell those fillets as separate menu items (shaka shaka chicken), and they’re apparently pretty popular – wonder who thought of stuffing them into burgers, though. Reminds me of how I’d add hash browns to my ham and cheese burgers back in school last time.

There were other interested things at McDonald’s, actually – they were having a limited edition McFlurry, where they blend the ice cream with milk tea, resulting in something that tastes pretty much like milk tea ice cream (with oreo bits), which I quite enjoyed. I also spotted an advertisment for upcoming bread products – dang, those look pretty good!


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  1. sounds like a yummy mcflurry! maybe i shld write in and ask them to bring it in here… like what i did for vanilla coke haha!then again some jap ice-cream places and island creamery also have milk tea ice-cream anyway i guess…

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