The high cost of driving

(map from

Help! My neighbourhood’s getting fenced in by all those ERP gantries!

Along with the rising cost of petrol, it seems like driving’s going to be practical only if you’re living relatively far from the central area because…

  1. Those blood-sucking gantries don’t penalise you for simply using the roads around your neighbourhood.
  2. You live far enough from the city centre (and other friends) to justify getting a personal vehicle.
  3. Chances are you’ll be living in one of the new HDB estates which are comparatively affordable and might actually leave some money in your budget for buying a car.

I was previously considering getting a car for my year in NIE, since it’s practically on the western tip of the island, and am still considering it (I think the ERP still doesn’t affect the route between my house and NIE) – but it’s really kinda pricey and I think I’ll try commuting daily via public transportation, first. I don’t really fancy spending nearly 3h on travelling everyday, but I suppose it’s money well-saved, and I’ll probably be able to do some light reading in the meantime.

I might even experiment with a combination of the MRT and cycling. It’s a 5.1km ride from Boon Lay MRT to NIE (according to Google Maps, anyway), which seems pretty doable – a great way to save money and keep fit! Now I’ll just have to figure out how to avoid smelling like the apocalypse after every trip, given Singapore’s climate.


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  1. hi there ;o

  2. smelling like the apocalypse seems like a rather dire consequence of cycling 5.1km. a dead fish seems like a more appropriate scent.

  3. Shower in the toilet?

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