I’ve been out of touch with gaming news for quite some time now, so I hadn’t actually heard about Spore until more recently. It’s essentially a multi-genre game, kinda like 5 games in one, where you customise and develop your own creature from the cell stage into a space-faring civilisation. Designed by Will Wright (probably best known for SimCity and The Sims), it seems like it’s going to be one good game!

Perhaps the best gimmick about this game is the sharing of user-generated content. If I’m not wrong, your game universe will automatically be populated by species that other users have generated and uploaded. You can even upload your own species and get statistics about how well/poorly they fare in other players’ games. I think you will be able to create and upload buildings and other designs of things, but the primary content is probably going to be the user-designed creatures.

So I was curious about it all and got myself a trial of the Spore Creature Creator and fiddled with it a little. It’s surprisingly easy and fun to use – within minutes I had created a passable bug-type alien creature. I can see myself playing this for quite some time.

A basic torso without anything added, basically resembles a blind worm.

Add a pincer, eyes, and 2 legs – a basic creature!

With some wings, arms and colouring, the final creature is born!


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