Gold Lounge & A380

I’ve been in Japan for nearly a week now, but I’ve been caught up, uh… playing Mass Effect. I’ve been getting bored of computer games recently, but I must say that this game’s so good, it’s really revived my interest in them (looks like it was just a phase – I was merely waiting for the right one to come along). It’s so good that I plan to purchase it for myself, though probably ebaying a Thai copy or something (they’re a lot cheaper, though the packaging and documentation are all non-English). Shockingly enough, the MacBook Pro handles Windows gaming extremely well – I suspect even better than my desktop PC does! Money well spent, then.

Anyway, with my newly-acquired Elite Gold status, I was able to check out the lounge at Changi Airport before flying, though they actually do have a separate lounge for the business/first-class passengers and for us frequent cattle-class flyers, so all I saw was the inferior one.

At the entrance, a Singapore Girl cutout welcoming you to the Gold lounge. Wonder if they use real ones instead for the Silver Kris lounge (the one for business/first-class flyers)?

And, well, it was pretty good for an ‘inferior’ lounge! Better than the one I was in at Manchester Airport, anyway. It was still essentially rather basic – an area with lots of comfy armchairs and some food/drinks. But the spread was quite a bit better than Manchester’s – they were serving baked chicken with potatoes, I think! Wonder if it’s because I was in Manchester during its breakfast hours? There was also quite an extensive drinks section (which was present at Manchester too actually, just that I didn’t really feel like drinking in the morning).

So I grabbed myself some ‘Indian potato salad’ and Tiger beer, and proceeded to do some lounging. Which mainly consisted of using the internet on my laptop using the free Wireless@SG. Not too shabby, but frankly, the lounge is a luxury I think I can live without quite easily. Unlike the nice comfy business class seats – those are something I definitely did miss on my flight to Japan on the A380!

The A380 is supposed to be the world’s largest passenger plane, and the seats on it (for all three classes of travel) have been upgraded as compared to older standard flights. Economy class essentially gets slightly more legroom (supposedly – I didn’t really notice it) and a larger viewing screen – this change I definitely did notice! The viewing area’s a lot bigger now, though I did wonder if this was necessarily a good thing, since I was (embarrassingly enough) watching Sex and the City on the way to Tokyo, which wasn’t exactly something I wanted to broadcast to my fellow passengers. Hey – with the movie showing in cinemas now, I was curious what the hype was about! Didn’t really find it all that great though, but that might be because I was watching random mid-season episodes rather than from the beginning.

I did like that the controller was now holstered below the screen rather than the side of the seat – I used to accidentally press a button while watching shows previously (yes, with my fat butt). The controller also now comes with a QWERTY keyboard for some word-processing and other productivity programs built into the console, but would it have killed them to add some basic web-browsing capabilities?

All in all, quite a comfortable flight, but not that much better than a standard SQ flight. Nothing I’d pay extra money for – good thing it costs the same thing as their standard flights, then!


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  1. Seems like a luxury from your pictures !

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