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So, because I was sian of having to restore my Dell to its former glory, plus the USD-SGD exchange rate is really favourable right now, I got myself a MacBook Pro (many thanks to Xianna and Weiyi who helped bring it back from the States for me).

It’s been awhile since I’d last owned a Mac, and back then I had some pretty bad experiences with it. I like how OSX handles multitasking, but my major complaint was the comparative lack of options in terms of applications (and of course gaming). Now that Apple’s switched to Intel, though, dual-booting and even emulation of Windows is now a possibility.

And so after some tweaking, I’m now running OSX on my Mac and simultaneously running Windows on VMWare Fusion under ‘Unity mode’, which is pretty nifty since it allows you to pretty much run Windows programs almost-natively (with some slowdown of course). You can see Picasa, µTorrent and Internet Explorer on my dock (at the right-hand side), which are (currently) Windows-only apps (I don’t actually use IE much, but it’s almost a requirement when testing website designs, since the overwhelming majority of people still use it for browsing).

I’m still using Firefox right now, it’s a little sluggish on OSX though – I’m thinking of switching to Safari, but I guess I’ll wait and see how Firefox 3 (which is supposed to be better-optimised for each operating system) handles before making any big changes in browsing behaviour.


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  1. Definitely try Firefox 3. I’m using it on my MacBook and it’s indistinguishable from Safari. (Especially if you use these themes: you’re right, a Mac is perfect for web design. I can’t imagine using any other type of computer now. :D

  2. vanilla sister

    i was going to suggest you just go ahead and use firefox 3 RC2 but i see i’ve been beaten to the punch. i’ve been running FF3 full-time since beta 4 and it’s pretty rock-solid, the speed improvements are significant and it doesn’t chew through memory like a hungry dino any more :D RC2 looks to be the last release candidate before the final comes out later this month, so i think it’s a safe gamble. the majority of extensions have upgraded for FF3 already i think. i’m pretty comfortably using Tab Mix Plus, Adblock Plus, Download Statusbar, Greasemonkey, IE Tab and Stylish. ;)

  3. wow, i’ve just switched to firefox3 rc2 (especially after finding out there’s a compatible developer build of tab mix plus, an extension i’ve grown particularly reliant on) and it’s a lot more responsive than firefox2 was! guess i won’t be checking out safari for some time, then =P

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