Final flight

Woohoo! I’ve struck gold at last!

So I’ve left the UK for the last time now – the next time I go there, if ever, I’ll likely be a tourist. For the final flight back, I’d used some of my miles to redeem an upgrade from economy to business class – I actually did this quite some time back, and had considered cancelling it after I was bumped up for free recently, but there was a penalty fee (in air miles) involved so I figured that having a comfortable ride home wasn’t really such a terrible thing after all =P

This time round I actually had full boarding pass privileges (previously they gave it to me only at the last minute, prior to boarding), so I was entitled to use the Fastlane for the security checks (essentially cutting down a 15min wait to a 2min one), as well as airport lounge access.

Unfortunately, the lounge at Manchester Airport wasn’t all that exciting. To be fair, it wasn’t a Krisflyer (or Star Alliance even) lounge, hopefully those are better (I’ll be finding out in a few days’ time), but at least it gave me somewhere comfortable to sit (and use complimentary internet), as well as providing a little bit of food to nibble on (as opposed to the usual airport BK breakfast). Much better than what I’m used to, but still nothing to shout about, really.

Lunch on board the plane certainly was (worth shouting about), though. With satay and a smoked fish salad as appetisers, followed by beef fillet for the main and ice cream for dessert, I was left a very happy passenger post-lunch.

I’d posted a picture of the business class seats before, but here’s one demonstrating how much they actually recline (when converting into sleeping mode). There’s a shell which stays pretty much stationary (so the passenger behind, if any, doesn’t really notice much of a change) but within the shell the seat somehow flattens out into a nearly-flat bed-like thingy. Not quite a proper bed, but definitely a far cry from economy class (note also the fluffier pillow provided).

Breakfast was not quite as delicious as lunch, but still pretty good anyway. I had the bubble and squeak, which is possibly the last English food I’ll be having for some time, which was surprisingly pretty good.

And so I’m back home now. Next flight review – the A380 to Tokyo! I’m booked for economy class, hoping for another free upgrade – but what’re the odds, really? Maybe that new-found Elite Gold status will helps. If not, well – at least there’s lounge access!


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