I’ve been meeting up with some people before I leave for good, so there’s been more than my average share of photo-taking these days. Yesterday I met Charmain, Shan and Yiwen for lunch, and we took two separate shots – quite nice on their own, but not quite enough to convey the idea that we had the meal together. So with my new-found freedom, I went on to create a semi-panorama on Photoshop.

It’s not quite perfect, but given the limitations of the source material I think it came out rather nicely! It really got me into a photoshopping mood though, and since I’m hoping to move this blog to my own domain sometime soon (on self-hosted WordPress), I started thinking up a fun Photoshop project for the title graphic of the new template.

Which ended up with the idea of pasting pictures of myself in various positions trying to catch a football, taken back in Australia when we were trying to create poser shots with the football in mid-air. It’s not quite complete (there were about 15 shots in all), but here’s a sample of what the final product would be like. I’m thinking the green colour might be troublesome to coordinate, though.

Comments, anyone?


Posted on June 2, 2008, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. yellowlemonie

    i think the trying to find a domain name to match the graphic might be a bit harder than trying to coordinate the green. plus, it needs a boost of saturation/curves/contrast – the image is looking a little “flat”. :)

  2. it’s also creepy that you don’t have shadows

  3. the one on the right has shadows!hmm i’ll have to look into putting them back in. but i think it was midday and the shadows weren’t very prominent to begin with…

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