Familiar burning sensation

I swear, my block must be cursed or something.

I mean, aside from the real fire last year, there were two late night fire alarm incidents last (academic) year. I could probably create a new label just for all the fire-related posts.

I guess I should be pretty grateful that it’s no longer the dead of winter when the fire broke out last night, but it was still pretty annoying to be kept out of my room for about an hour in total for what seemed to be a (literally) smoking kitchen. But it’s the first time I’ve seen the fire engines actually driving into our quad – now that’s a sight to behold!

The fire trucks arrive!

Because two is better than one…

Firemen and hoses to the rescue.

So I was kaypoh and went to poke my nose into the site of the incident – it didn’t look all that damaged at all, especially compared to the previous damage done in Block K . In fact, I’m kinda curious what was burning at all – there was quite a lot of smoke, and I assume that the firemen wouldn’t have been that worked up over some burning potatoes, but I really couldn’t tell what exactly had happened from the aftermath of the incident?


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