Das Experiment

So traffic to the MWBS Wiki has exploded since its public release, with almost a thousand daily hits at times. That’s not superbly high in the grand scheme of the Internet, but it’s way higher than any blog or website I’ve ever created. I must say, I’m rather proud of how it’s done.

With the increased traffic, Google Adsense revenue has increased too – average earnings this month (so far) has been US$0.76 per day. Which isn’t particularly earth-shattering, but it’s a nice steady source of revenue which I hope will eventually pay off the web hosting fees.

Frankly, the revenue hasn’t been worth the time and effort invested into the site, but I guess as an experiment and hobby project it’s been quite rewarding. It’s convinced me that there’s actual money to be made on the web, and if I can find something fun to work on and profit at the same time – well, why not? Especially since it can be done on the side, rather than a full career.

Something to think about when I get bored marking scripts in the future…


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