Junk foods of Japan

I didn’t really eat out that much while I was in Japan this time, but I did try some of the weird stuff they sell in the supermarkets (and the local McDonald’s).

The only reason McDonald’s made it to the list is that this burger, the Teriyaki McBurger, tastes exactly like (my memory of) the Samurai burger, a limited-time item that was available sometime in the early 90s (I think. Maybe the late 80s?) and once again in the late 90s. (again, I think. It’s not like I keep a record of these limited-time burgers!)

Basically, it’s just a simple burger with a beef patty (Japan uses a sausage patty I think), some lettuce, and teriyaki sauce – and I’m lovin’ it!

I’ve recently become a fan of corn chips, and here in Japan they must of course have wasabi-flavoured Doritos chips. Sadly, it wasn’t particularly good, but it was interesting. As were those Pizza-la (a local pizza chain) tie-up ones I’d tried – yes, they are branded under both Pizza-la and Doritos!

Now this is just weird. They had some special edition (I think) black sesame cereal thingy and I thought I should try something Japanese for my breakfast cereal needs (yes, traditionally Japanese I know) as opposed to sticking to Crunchy Nut. Again, pretty interesting, but not something I’ll eat on a regular basis =P

Maybe I should do a better junk food catalogue when I’m next in Japan! Then again, it’s not really something I’d want to deliberately set out doing… Having proper food seems a lot more enticing, somehow.


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