Classical guitar

You can have a song on your iTunes playlist for the longest time, but not realise how technically impressive it is until you watch it being performed.

While studying last night LAGQ‘s Pachelbel Loose Canon started playing. Some of my friends from RIGE had once joked about performing it one day, and I was curious so I googled for the sheet music (another method of procrastination, of course). I didn’t find it, but was led to this video – and all I can say is, wow.

I don’t think I realistically can play any of the parts during my lifetime. I mean, maybe if I practised non-stop for a few years… nope, not realistically. But, wow.

Blue Echo, however, is pretty nice and looks a lot more replicable. Now all I need is three other players, the music scores, and a ton of practice…

I think I’m going to take up formal classical guitar lessons when I’m back in Singapore. Somehow, watching this videos has reignited the desire to do so, despite not having played seriously for more than five years now. Gosh.


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  1. actually i think its quite doable. i love the country chicken picking bit 3 mins in though. if u can find the score i’ll learn it. haha. anyway if u look closely u’ll see at the fast bits the guy at the far left uses a pick. haha.

  2. i don’t know how to use pick! plus i’m a little behind you in technique =Pwonder where you can get these scores, though.

  3. Was thinking about starting to play the guitar again actually – it’s been about 2.5-3 years since I did it seriously. Anyway I think starting out with anything done by the LAGQ is going to be demoralising.

  4. Whoops forgot to leave my name. That was me.

  5. check out andy mckee bro. most watched guitarist on youtube. he’s awesome. came by CMU the other day.

  6. haha yeah, mckee’s pretty good. i suspect his extensive use of tapping won’t work too well on unamplified instruments (?), but when listening to recorded work it’s still good stuff.

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