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My notebook’s hard disk has apparently crashed. On the very first day I arrived in Japan, no less (it died on Saturday night). There’s no HDD detected when it boots up, and it makes a clicking noise while (apparently) trying to access the disk.

I’ve emailed Dell Singapore and hopefully they’re able to arrange something with the technicians like they did when I was back in the UK, but I’m not too hopeful given language barriers and all.

I guess in the worst case, I’ll just buy a new HDD myself and get the spoilt one replaced when I’m back in Singapore (thus ending up with one extra HDD). Maybe I’ll buy a casing and have myself an external HDD at last? Who knows? Maybe I’ll even use it to boot OSX haha. Wonder if my notebook supports booting from a USB device…


Impulse buy

So I went down to Sim Lim Square today to get myself an ink cartridge (stupid mistake – it might be cheaper, but with so many goodies on display, I usually end up spending more anyway).

notepal infinite

So I am now the proud owner of a Cooler Master NotePal Infinite. I’d decided to get a notebook cooling pad because I’ve noticed my laptop keeps slowing down when playing games, even after upgrading to 2GB RAM (from 1GB), so I figured it was probably overheating. So while looking for a colour ink cartridge today I chanced upon this product and was entranced. It also allows for comfortable (literal) lap-top usage, which is another reason why I got it without much thinking.

So after coming home and checking out some positive reviews, I’m pretty happy with the purchase – except that I’d probably overpaid for it. Sigh. But it’s a pretty good investment all in all, hopefully that’s the end of slowdowns while playing games! =P

Spongmonkeys 2

I vaguely recall talking to someone about the Spongmonkeys recently (I’d actually blogged about them before, but didn’t really remember their name or the specifics of it all) and I find myself still amused by them, somehow.

Even more amusing to me, however, is this Star Wars version I found on YouTube.

Humid doughnuts

sg york weather

I suppose Singapore’s as hot and humid now as it’s always been, but having left the UK while it was still cold (don’t believe the people who tell you that winter’s ended, they lie!), I’m actually quite happy to be in this perpetual sauna.

What’s more, the high humidity allows me to survive without applying moisturiser, as I used to during the first 21 years of my life. TAKE THAT, NIVEA! YOU’RE NOT GETTING ANY MORE MONEY FROM ME!


Donut Factory Box Donuts!

Things have been changing even in the shops near my house – Donut Factory, of superlongqueue-at-cityhall fame, has opened a branch at Novena Square. Having never tried it before, and seeing that the queues at this branch were a lot shorter (wonder how long it’ll last), I decided to give it a try – it’s pretty good! Perhaps not as good as Krispy Kreme, this one emphasises the fillings more I think, but still pretty tasty. If somewhat overwhelming.

I’ve decided that I really like my current neighbourhood, and would really love to live around here in the future… Unfortunately, looking at housing prices these days, I doubt I’ll be able to afford a place nearby anytime soon. Plus the prospective housemate doesn’t seem that charmed by it, hmmph.

Oh well. Still quite some time to go before I’ll be able to start thinking seriously about my own housing, I think.

MWBS wiki guide (in beta)

MWBS Air Battle

It’s the first week of my Easter break now, and although I’m no longer as enchanted by Mobile Weapon: Battle Stations! as I used to be (I suspect it’s got something to do with having completed the last examinations of my undergraduate degree), I’d already started on this project so I figured I might as well just bring it to completion. Besides, there’re some other people who’d started helping out with content generation, so I’ve kinda become obliged to ensure it’s launched sometime.

So here it is, the MWBS Wiki guide that I’ve been working on (still in the works, but at a stage decent enough for private exhibition I think). I spent a couple of hours tweaking the layout, really happy with the way it went. Well, much of the prettiness comes from the title graphic, and that consisted mainly of pasting and smoothing different pictures together, but the end product’s still nice enough to satisfy me.

I’ve also decided to put the ads at the bottom of the page even though they probably won’t get many (any?) clicks, because I decided it was really too ugly when I’d put it at the top. And after working for so long on the aesthetics of the site, I guess design > money, at this stage.

Besides, I’ve only earned 71 cents from Adsense so far, somehow I doubt it’s about to become a cash cow for me any time soon, heh.

Singaporean breakfast

I’m home!

And just to make those of you still overseas envious, here’s my breakfast for this morning. =D




Same old same old, it’s time to pack up once more (to vacate the room for Easter), and the suitcase as well (‘cos I’m flying home).

I’ve actually managed to put stuff in various nooks and crannies, and only have (miraculously) one box of bedding and clothes left to store. Amazing! My suitcase looks surprisingly neat too. I think I’m a pretty good packer when I put my mind down to it! I hope it’s not too overweight though, one corner’s filled mainly with books, and that’s gotta be heavy…

And yes, that’s the last of the Thai Sweet Chilli packs in my suitcase, turns out I didn’t finish them after all, so I thought I’d try to bring it home to let my siblings have a taste of England =P

Pure decadence

business class
I’ve booked my final flight back home in June, and this time I decided to indulge a little and spend some of those hard-earned Krisflyer miles. Otherwise, chalk up so many for what, right?

Here’s a picture I’ve never seen before in my life. The plane’s nose is in it! My goodness! The thing is, I have no clue which seat(s) are the preferred ones, or if there’s even a difference. I don’t even know what the ones with the ‘B’ are. Anyone care to explain?

Actually, if I’m sitting near the front of the plane, does that mean I’ll be more likely to die if the plane crashes?

Upcoming Battle Stations! graphics

upcoming graphcis

I think I’ve actually grown bored of the gameplay of Battle Stations!, but the upcoming art looks really sweet, and is probably the main reason I’m still sticking around.

That said, be sure to check out the animated demo, and if that piques your interest enough, join via this link to get a referral bonus (and earn me one too, yes this is just another shameless plug hrr hrr).

Me against the world

My current desktop wallpaper. I actually really like this picture, wonder why I’ve only just thought of using it.

Kind of conveys the stress and frustration at this term’s modules. Can’t wait for today’s exams to be over.